Cancer organizations, small and large, from every region of the world are signing on to Prevent20 to supplement their existing national tobacco control efforts.

Together, we can leverage our powerful and trusted voices to compel our governments to take action to substantially raise tobacco taxes, make tobacco products less affordable and use the revenue generated to pay for cancer control priorities such as cancer screening and treatment.

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Prevent20 Coalition Members
Friends of the Coalition

Prevent20 is a global coalition of cancer groups calling on governments to raise tobacco taxes, the single most effective tobacco control intervention.

The movement’s name is in recognition of the more than 20% of all cancer deaths that are attributable to tobacco use – and completely avoidable.

Prevent20 promotes tobacco taxes as a powerful solution for large-scale tobacco use prevention. It educates and activates cancer advocates to persuade their country governments to take up smart tax policy as a critical cancer prevention tool.

The Prevent20 team brings together a dynamic group of technical, advocacy and communications experts to offer tobacco taxation support and guidance to the cancer community as we unite together to Prevent20.


  • Coalition Members
  • Friends of the Coalition

Coalition Members are Cancer Organizations who have formally joined Prevent20 and are calling for governments to implement effective tobacco tax policy.


Friends of the Coalition are non-communicable disease, anti-tobacco, and other civil society organizations who have formally joined Prevent20 and call for governments to implement effective tobacco tax policy.


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