Tobacco taxation is one of the most effective and cost-effective measures for controlling tobacco use and preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including cancer. But how do we harness it better towards country-specific public health goals and targets?

The American Cancer Society’s Economic and Health Policy Research team recognizes that country partners need the best available information to help their governments understand how they can use tobacco taxation as an effective method to meet global NCD, cancer and tobacco control goals, so they have developed a modeling tool that identifies accurately the necessary tobacco excise tax increases. Using this model, the team has developed country-specific fact sheets for nearly 80 countries, which are available upon request. The team can also work to generate fact sheets for other countries if needed.  The team is thrilled to hear from you if you wish to learn more or if you would like your country’s fact sheet, and/or to explore in more depth how to best understand and use your fact sheet in your smart tax policy efforts.


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